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Fig. 4. Histology of the pancreases of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DQ8 mice with or without exposure to gliadin and/or cerulein. (A, B) Pancreases of gliadin-restricted mice look normal and do not exhibit IgG1-positive cells. (C, D) Pancreases of the gliadin-only group have inflammatory foci showing lymphoplasmacytic infiltration, fibrosis and lobular atrophy. Several IgG1-positive cells are observed. (E, F) Pancreases of the cerulein-only group exhibit focal mild inflammatory cell infiltration. Mild edema and fibrosis can also be seen, and there are several IgG1-positive cells. (G, H) Mice with exposure to both gliadin and cerulein show profound lymphoplasmacytic infiltration, acinar atrophy and storiform fibrosis. Many IgG1-positive plasma cells are observed, and certain acinar cells and stromal cells are stained by IgG1 (A, E: H&E stain, ×100; C, G: H&E stain, ×200; B, D, F, and G: IgG1, ×100).
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