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Fig. 3. Histologic features of IgG4-associated cholangitis. (A) Common bile duct with dense mucosal inflammation, transmural inflammation and fibrosis (H&E stain, ×20; inset: magnification of mucosal inflammatory infiltrate, showing the predominance of plasma cells with occasional eosinophils, ×400). (B) Fibrosis of the common bile duct wall. Thick collagen bundles are present with intervening spindled fibroblasts and lymphocytes (H&E stain, ×200). (C) Neurovascular bundle within the common bile duct wall with lymphoplasmacytic infiltration of a nerve (N) and a small vein (V) (H&E stain, ×100). (D) Immunohistochemical stain for IgG4, demonstrating a high density of IgG4-positive plasma cells (brown stain) in the common bile duct mucosa (×200).
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