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Fig. 1. Development of depression during antiviral treatment. Depressive symptoms developed in 34.6% (n=18) with a BDI-I score ≥10 (A) and 29.5% (n=18) with a HADS-D score ≥8 (B) among 52 and 61 patients who had no depression at baseline, respectively. The point prevalence of moderate to severe depression (BDI-I score ≥16 and HADS-D ≥11) was 17.3% (n=9) according to the BDI-I score and 9.8% (n=6) according to the HADS-D score over the course of pegylated interferon and RBV therapy. The majority of patients exhibited increased BDI-I or HADS-D scores during treatment, which returned to normal after the completion of treatment.

BDI-I, Beck Depression Inventory-I; HADS-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale-Depression.

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